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She has the same respect, or lack thereof, for homeless kids in New Orleans and senators in Washington.

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That's a quality that I, and I think many of us, could use more of. Most of all Claire is curious, which I think is one of the best qualities a person can have.

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She's dedicated to finding the truth at all costs, which I think is a pretty good path in life. Out of this world heist leads to 'Sex on the Moon'. Gran: Sherlock Holmes was not exactly a teetotaler himself, although he used cocaine when he was bored, not when he was on a case. But the use of intoxicants has been a part of the detective story since the start or close to it. If I remember right, Poe's Daupin enjoyed a cocktail.

I think Holmes would like Claire. Watson, I think, would not approve of her. In my fictional world of detectives, Claire isn't liked or respected very much by the other detectives. People who choose or are called to a different way are often not invited to be a part of the club.

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  • But Claire has her tiny corner of people who understand her, and I bet if Holmes or Daupin or Marlowe were around they might not understand her methods, but they would respect her results. I think there would be some kinship there.

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    Maybe I'm flattering myself. CNN: Tell me about the philosophical bits of wisdom from fictional detective Jacques Silette throughout the book, like, "Those who try to grasp on to the mystery will never succeed, only those who let it slip through their fingers will come to know it and hear its secrets. Gran: The Jacques Silette bits are very dear to my heart, and a culmination of the kind of stuff I've been thinking about and studying all my life.

    In most mystical systems, the belief is that we each have a piece of the divine inside of us.

    It's like a flame that can never be put out, no matter how far we've strayed or how low we've sunk. It's just not within our capacities to extinguish it.

    City of the Dead - Sara Gran - - Allen & Unwin - Australia

    Among other things, once you're connected with that part of you, you pretty much get to know everything, because the divine is all knowing. So this seems like a skill that would be very useful in detective work -- the idea that we all have the answers inside us already, we just need to somehow make contact. But in rare cases, something much better can bloom. Last but not least, the style. Expressions like truc de ouf or verbs like kiffer may sound outdated in a decade. The translation will sound as weird as the one of Rage in Harlem by Chester Himes. No second book with Claire DeWitt is in my future.

    Platz International , Meilleur polar des lecteurs de Points Here are my thoughts. Like Like. Thanks for the link What did you think about the ending? Look at Adamsberg. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

    Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway by Sara Gran; read by Carol Monda - Audiobook Trailer

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign me up! Using the texts I write is at your own risk since I have no competence of any kind in literature. Books I want to share with you. Like this: Like Loading I believe that someday, perhaps many lifetimes from now, all will be explained, and all mysteries will be solved. All knowledge will be free for the taking, including the biggest mystery of all — who we really are. Why do people go missing?

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    Why do people die? What is the force behind it all? No small case for a private dick. Which is why Claire seeks consolation in hard drugs and empty sex. Suddenly my face was wet and I realized I was crying too. I felt bad for the kid. I felt bad for all of us, for the whole fucking world.

    Our fucking hearts. No wonder they were so hard to come by these days.