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For contents, please see " Item Includes ". Includes a violin part, a piano score, and a CD with demo and play-along tracks. Two of the songs in the book come with access to downloadable MP3s, available at Alfred's website.

All the Best Songs of Praise & Worship

Published by Alfred Music. Difficulty: A2 NOTE: The violin part is compatible with the viola and cello parts, and may be played with either or both, but it should be noted that all three instruments would be playing in unison, and would need the harmonic texture of the piano or CD accompaniment to round out the sound. And the best thing is that you are not limited to just practising - there is so much more you will learn and be able to apply in your piano journey! Jordan Leibel, Nate Bosch and other Pianote instructors have varied and innovative approaches to teaching music - the songs and play along tracks are truly musical and super FUN to play.

I honestly love everything about Pianote! You get a new song breakdown every week and a step by step program with lots of piano teachers - and you get a fast reply when asking questions. I have the choice of communicating for instructions, I have great teachers instructing me, and I am becoming a better musician. I just wish Pianote would have been available to me sooner.

How To Play "Praise & Gospel Worship Piano"

And considering the going price on piano lessons these days, Pianote is a good deal! I am an academic musician, with a music and education degree from the University of Haifax and a teaching diploma. I am a drum teacher myself and learned with many teachers, mostly drums and guitar but some piano too. I found a well organized system, easy to use interface, high level of teaching and instructors, and fun experience which motivates me.

True online music education professionals, and that is why I recommend them highly. Learning to play piano is a good investment, and Pianote is definitely cheaper than private tutoring.

How To Play "Praise & Gospel Worship Piano"

The community is really encouraging and supportive and the lessons are easy to understand and follow. I love the combination of video tutorials with provided sheet music and how easy it is to progress through the lessons - and the continuous new lessons makes learning dynamic and fresh. The foundation lessons are the closest thing to real private lessons - technique, theory, and application.

You always know what you can work on, one thing at a time, and get good at it before moving onto the next lesson. All the teachers have a rich teaching experience and their lessons cover the basics through to advanced topics.

Hillsong - Two Hours of Worship Piano

Learning to play piano is hard. Piano lessons by Pianote made it easy. I loved the lessons but felt like they were becoming too advanced, so I decided to leave for a while to practice what I had learned without the expense of paying. It was the most disappointing feeling when I realized I could no longer access my lessons!

What a joy when I was able to rejoin again. Pianote is fantastic and gave me absolutely everything I ever needed to learn to play piano. I absolutely recommend it to others. I played the piano when I was younger. However as I got older, priorities took place over continuing to play. I was looking at getting my muscle memory back again… and the exercises that you offer are doing just that! I found the site easy to navigate and I like the way it keeps track of my progress as I move through the lessons. You give me the opportunity to learn at my own pace. You guys are awesome!

I wasted so much time troubleshooting rather than practising.

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Pianote gives me nice step by step lessons in progression and a sense of satisfaction. Jordan and Lisa are so nice to watch and there are always PDFs that go with each lesson. The lessons are well thought out and I can do this all on my own schedule. Jordan is especially as talented of a teacher as he is a musician. We love our students. More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience playing piano.

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So join below to try it out totally risk-free. Any questions? Call us toll-free at or directly at All prices listed in USD. Musora Media, Inc. Torch Of Praise. The piano is one of the musical instruments we use during Christian praise and worship services. Whether it is acoustic or electronic, be it an expensive grand piano or the cheap old one that needs some tuning, once a harmony is created from artistically and skillfully playing those black and white keys, the church atmosphere changes into a worshipful place.

A pianist who plays piano at church is a church pianist.

The church pianist or musician works together with the pastor or worship leader to lead the congregation into experiencing a meaningful worship. Without music, worship is dull. Therefore, piano music or any other musical instruments is a must during praise and worship services to help set the heart and mood of every worshiper. Almost all churches have piano or electronic keyboard. However, very few can play it. This is the dilemma of most churches today: the lack of church pianists.

Why is there a shortage of church pianists worldwide? Not everyone can afford to go to a piano school or hire a piano tutor.

There are no piano teachers or piano schools in your area. It takes some time to learn and master piano playing.